"This is what sets us apart: Secured financing and fast action due to the owner-managed structure."
(Christoph Zock, Senior Project Development Management)

„I am particularly motivated by the fact that I can realise innovative IT solutions together with the management and thus contribute to the success of the company.“
(Michael Owens, Head of IT & Development)

„At P+B Group, the employer's duty of care is really large. Even when we face challenges outside the job, we are supported, and solutions are explored. It's a give and take.“
(Nicole Mensch, Human Resources)

„I like working at P+B Group because my commitment is needed and appreciated, because the interaction with each other is open and honest, because I enjoy a lot of freedom in my work. The latter gives me the opportunity to do justice to both my family and my job. My overall work-life balance is just good.“
(Michael Owens, Head of IT & Development)

„The team spirit, the supportiveness among colleagues is unbelievable. At P+B Group, the team concept is truly lived.“
(Nicole Mensch, Human Resources)

„I feel very appreciated by my colleagues, the department heads and senior management, and my wish to be part of a team again has definitely been fulfilled.“
(Andrea Schmidt, Assistant Project Management)

„We have grown a lot since I started at P+B Group more than 12 years ago, realising large and outstanding projects. The fact that we have nevertheless remained down-to-earth is thanks to the responsible actions of our management.“
(Diana Willms, Assistant Project Management)

„As a career changer, I had no knowledge of the construction industry. Because of my colleagues' willingness to share their knowledge and their support, it was very easy for me to acquire the knowledge I lacked, even beyond departmental boundaries. It is fun to learn something new every day and I am motivated to tackle even complicated tasks because I know that I am not alone in this.“
(Andrea Schmidt, Assistant Project Management)

„The chemistry is right. The cooperation with colleagues is great. Everyone contributes their skills to find the best solutions together.“
(Michael Owens, Head of IT & Development)

„Despite their many special tasks, the company management always has an open ear and takes time for their employees! Solutions are always found. That is by no means a matter of course everywhere!“
(Diana Willms, Assistant Project Management)

"I like working at P+B Group because I can organise my daily work routine myself as far as possible and because the management treats all employees very appreciatively and respectfully."
(Josefine Peltzer, Administration)

"I applied at that time because I wanted to be part of a team again, teamwork was something I really missed in my previous job. The team at P+B gave me a very warm welcome almost 9 years ago. I soon felt very comfortable and after a few weeks I had the feeling that I had known all my colleagues for years."
(Andrea Schmidt, Assistant Project Management)

"It feels good when you get challenged and promoted! Further training measures are not distributed arbitrarily but are really tailor-made."
(Karolin Maucher, Secretary to the Executive Board, Acquisition Board)

„At P+B Group, the way we deal with each other is friendly, business-oriented and unpretentious. The cooperation is excellent. Besides the outstanding projects and my exciting tasks, this motivates me a lot in my daily work."“
(Christoph Zock, Senior Project Development Management)

"Communication with management and colleagues is fair and based on partnership, and mutual recognition is always tangible."
(Elke Montalto, Assistant to the Executive Board)


  • We are project developers and property developers - strong in equity and growing dynamically
  • We build in an urban context - our properties are made in Troisdorf
  • We think big - and appreciate the details

We develop urban quarters made for our great-grandchildren: ecological, social, digital. We also plan and build single-family homes, multi-storey flats, student residences and micro-apartments, as well as offices, retail space and hotels. Since our foundation in 2002, we have realised hundreds of thousands of square metres of residential and commercial space, creating entire residential quarters such as Parkend in Frankfurt's Europaviertel neighbourhood which features 812 flats.

Virginia Arndt
Oliver Bach
Maral Blouki
Moritz Breuch
Ehsan Darabi
Lea Engelhardt
Christa Foullong
Jutta Freund
Tobias Fürst
Elisabeth Geyer
Viktor Hirschfeld
Werner Honscheid
Vanessa Kom
Leon Küpper
Karolin Maucher
Nicole Mensch
Elke Montalto
Sophie Neumann
Ina Niendorf
Michael Owens
Josefine Peltzer
Thomas Pollklässener
Andrea Schmidt
Dietmar Schoemakers
Barbara Spürk
Jan Sudbrack
Lydia Wacker
Claudia Wagner
Diana Willms
Christoph Zock


For a trustful and productive cooperation, we have jointly constructed an edifice of mutual respect and esteem as well as communication at equal levels, regardless of background and years of professional experience. To ensure that our team enjoys the greatest possible stability at all times, we place it on a strong foundation, just like our properties.

Its components are:

  • a constant exchange of knowledge
  • individual support
  • fair co-operation and genuine participation

In addition to this foundation, we offer our employees plenty of room for fresh ideas and free development as well as large windows for the necessary vision. This is what we do out of conviction: We aim to work in a future-oriented manner – on ourselves and on our buildings. We support each other and master every challenge together. This security is something we also convey to investors and buyers. Our organic growth proves us right, because we started with three employees, and today we are a team of about 35.


Are you a visionary with a firm hold on the ground? Do you wander the world with your eyes open, recognize potential and focus on solutions instead of problems? Do you know your strengths, but also your weaknesses and do you constantly try to improve yourself?

Then we are made from the same material! Build with us and on us.




Thanks to creditworthy shareholders, we realise our projects with a high proportion of equity capital - which means deadline security for our investors and clients - and the greatest possible job security for you. Fixed-term employment contracts are the absolute exception in our company. We rather look forward to a long-term cooperation.


We value our employees very highly. We “live” communication at equal levels and by sharing knowledge, and we believe in your personal skills. You will work largely independently, but can always rely on our support, regular team meetings and short decision-making processes.


We know that life presents many challenges that have to be overcome. We support you in keeping your strengths in balance. Rest assured that we are at your side in every aspect of life – with flexitime, special leave, reduced working time or an employee loan – together we focus on solutions instead of problems.


Start your working day without the hassle of looking for a parking space and park directly in front of the office free of charge. During your working hours, our e-charging stations are available to you for free charging. You can expect a modern, ergonomic workplace and the latest technical equipment with notebook, phone and modern cloud applications. For creative exchange, meet your colleagues in our “factory”. Whenever you look for a place to retreat, you can use one of our lounge corners or the terrace. Free drinks and regular team events are a matter of course.


Whether it is internal or external training, from the Excel course to the management seminar to the financing of your studies: We take your personal progress very seriously, and together we will design your individual training concept


The attractive remuneration package includes a monthly tax-free and social security-free allowance and accident insurance with 24/7 coverage. In addition to the regular 30 days of holiday, you will be off work on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Furthermore, Carnival Monday is considered a customary day in the Rhine region.


Step 1

Your decision to build together with us: Dispatch and receipt of your application

Please send us your application documents. As soon as your application reaches our mailbox, you will receive an automated confirmation of receipt, so you can be sure everything has been received.

Our assessment: Review of your application

We will check your application thoroughly. We will normally get in touch with you within 6 working days to give you initial feedback or to make an appointment to get to know you.

Step 2
Step 3

Initial planning: Getting to know each other

Now one or two interviews will follow. You will have the first interview with the head of the personnel department and the head of department. Usually, a further interview will take place with the head of department and the management.

The formalities: Our offer to you

Do our concepts match? If so, we will be pleased to submit a contract offer to you.

Step 4
Step 5

The foundation: Signing the employment contract

With your signature you will become an integral part of P+B Group and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

Your move into our offices: We warmly welcome you

We will have prepared everything for your first day at work: Your workplace will be set up, your technical equipment will be ready and a member of the personnel department will be waiting to guide you through the company and then accompany you to your department. There you will meet friendly colleagues who will be happy to answer all your questions.

Step 6


Who is P+B Group looking for?

Our employees work in a wide variety of roles, from architects to student assistants – but above all they are people who share our values of commitment, optimism, fairness and team spirit. Do you share them too? Then maybe it is you we are looking for! You can find our job offers here.

What training do I need to have completed to be able to work for you?

The professional backgrounds of our employees vary depending on the position. For example, our project managers have a degree in engineering. But many career changers have also found their professional home with us.

What sets you apart from bank-dependent competitors?

We finance our construction projects with a high proportion of equity. In this way, we guarantee investors adherence to schedules and budgets and a high degree of reliability. For you, our independence from banks means a secure job, even in times of crisis.

Are there special selection procedures in place?

We usually get to know each other in two job interviews. Together we will discuss your career and find out whether we are a good match.

Are your employment contracts limited in time?

Fixed-term employment contracts are the absolute exception in our company. Our cooperation is based on trust, knowledge exchange and sustainability – this can only work with a permanent team.

What further training programmes do you offer?

It is important to us that you grow with us and for us. This is why we would like to promote you individually. This may involve an Excel training course, a management seminar or even financing your studies. Together we will find the right offer for you.

Is mobile work possible?

Yes, every employee is equipped with a laptop. This enables you to work outside the office when it makes sense in your job.

What are the core working hours?

Our attendance times are from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm – apart from that, our working hours are flexible.

How many days of holiday do you offer?

For a five-day week you have 30 days of annual leave with us. In addition we do not work on Christmas Eve and on New Year’s Eve, and you do not have to take these days off. For our colleagues in the Rheinland region, Carnival Monday is also an additional day of holiday.

Can I send you an unsolicited application?

Absolutely! Please use our form to do so.


Markus Volk


You are welcome to send us your unsolicited application at any time.


Standort: Troisdorf


Markus Volk