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P+B Group has been working as a real estate developer for residential and commercial real estate as well as on complete neighbourhood developments for over 20 years now. Due to our many years of expertise, we place great value on meeting our demands ‒ also on ourselves. We are constantly optimising our construction project management and our already very high quality standards. Based on a perfect interaction of all parties involved in the construction as well as a holistic view of all construction tasks, we ensure that you get your ideal real estate developer: P+B Group.

The basis for a smooth and efficient construction process is our sophisticated process when it comes to planning a new building project, down to the last detail.  This is because planning during construction itself, which often occurs in the industry or among the competition, almost always disrupts the construction process: Delays and ultimately cost increases are the result. Would you like to choose a reliable and experienced real estate developer who plans, builds and markets sustainably and professionally? P+B Group is the solution of choice for you.

Preparation down to the smallest detail

Prior the ground-breaking ceremony on site, all plans and the important preparatory measures are drawn up for our construction projects. In addition, we ensure an intense communication between the project participants and coordination in regular team meetings.

We carry out the preparatory construction project organisation together with the general contractor. This includes in particular:

  • the control of the defined execution plans
  • construction site logistics and management of construction site traffic
  • construction site safety and occupational health and safety
  • the construction schedule
  • the construction process and definitions of interfaces
  • the preparation of the digital construction site documentation
  • the preparation of controlling and quality assurance

Perfect project management

Together with the general contractor, our experienced project managers ensure a smooth and efficient construction process. The focus is on controlling all activities during construction, meeting our high quality standards in execution and precise schedule and cost controlling.

Our services include:

  • project management and coordination of all trades
  • digital documentation
  • quality assurance
  • cost and schedule controlling
  • individual and final inspections
  • remedy of defects
  • handover to users or buyers
  • warranty management

Teamwork as a success factor

Like our planning process, our team concept is a key success factor for our projects. Through close cooperation with regular round tables, we network the competences of all those involved in a construction project not only selectively, but systematically. In this way, we develop binding partnerships that are based on trust and ensure continuous optimisation of quality, costs and deadlines.

Our project team thus masters unforeseeable challenges, which cannot be ruled out, especially in large-scale projects, quickly and professionally. Place your focus on high-quality procedures and competence: choose the perfect property developer ‒ P+B Group.



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Longstanding cooperation with project partners

Whenever possible, we always base our new projects on a cooperation within well-established project partnerships which have been very successful for us in previous construction projects. As a property developer, for example, we have already completed a large number of projects with Ed. Züblin AG as general contractor. These projects include, among others:

Thanks to our recurring partnerships with both general contractors and individual trades, all construction processes function like a well-oiled machine right from the start: This minimises friction losses and significantly simplifies coordination processes. Our current construction projects, such as the Polaris Office complex and the CAMPO NOVO BUISNESS Vaihingen apartment hotel in the synergy park there as well as the CAMPO NOVO BUISNESS in Eschborn, are again being realised with Ed. Züblin AG as a trusted and highly professional general contractor. Do you prefer to work in routine processes with experienced partners and a reliable developer? Choose P+B Group and benefit from our expertise and contacts.

Transparent structures and costs

We attach great importance to clear structures, processes and costs in our construction projects. For example, we realised the CAMPO NOVO Mainz 1 and Mainz 2 apartment buildings according to the "Guaranteed Maximum Price" model. The price to be paid by the builder is not a fixed price in this model, but a maximum price. Cost savings arise primarily from subcontractor services. The client as well as the contractor can then divide them up according to a previously determined key. This creates incentives for cost optimisation through joint subcontracting based on an open book procedure. In this procedure, all construction costs actually incurred are disclosed. This ensures absolute cost transparency. You want to choose a transparent and proven developer? Choose P+B Group and take advantage of our comprehensible way of working.

Best conditions for successful marketing

Clearly defined goals, well-structured work processes and a fixed workflow with constant evaluation and optimisation: As a property developer, we leave nothing to chance in our projects. With these qualities, we ensure the ideal marketing of our construction projects. The users and buyers of our properties benefit significantly from our professional construction project management with the highest quality standards and adherence to deadlines and costs. Our solid customer base speaks for our quality products, especially in the global sale of buildings. Would you like to choose one of the best in class as your real estate developer? P+B Group is guaranteed to realise your project in the best possible way.

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