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In most Germany's metropolitan regions, living space is scarce, and at the same time the demand for land for new construction projects is enormous. There is also a lack of land for commercial real estate projects in many places, for example for the establishment of new companies. New perspectives are opened up by district developments that combine different uses.

Do you have a large undeveloped or underused property and would like to sell it? Add value to your property and benefit from the experience and expertise of a high-performance real estate project developer and builder.

Sell your land to P+B Group

Over the past 20 years, many owners have placed their trust in P+B Group. On our properties, we have developed and built high-quality, sustainable real estate of various types and uses: from single-family and multi-family homes to hotels, student residences and office buildings to large, integrated urban quarters with mixed uses. The project volume realised to date amounts approx. 900 million euros.

Continue this success story with us and sell your land. We attach importance to the following aspects when purchasing:


  • With and without building permit


  • At least 5.000 sq. metres of gross floor area / 1.500 sq. metres property area​​​​​​​

Location Germany

  • Metropolitan Areas Rhine/Ruhr, Rhine/Main, Northrhine Westfalia, Stuttgart
  • All German „Big-Seven“-Cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf) as well as project locations of the P+B Group
  • District towns with more than 50.000 inhabitants
  • Locations with more than 25.000 students

Our requirements profile is available for you to download.

To download

For the acquisition we need documents

For an initial check of the land you wish to sell, we need the following information:

  • Information on location and size
  • Parcel map
  • Land use plan
  • Development plan
  • Register of building encumbrances and contaminated sites
  • Development record
  • current extract from the land register
  • Exterior and aerial photography

This is how we proceed

Based on the available documents, the location, size and layout, the planning and building law possibilities of the property and, above all, the market and demand situation, we prepare an initial potential assessment. It provides information on the possible uses and development prospects of your property. We assess the value of the property, compare it with your asking price and propose a transparent and comprehensible purchase price.

P+B Group acquires the property you are selling with a high proportion of equity mostly up to 100% equity capital.

These are the projects we plan and build

Our product range is broadly diversified. In the residential segment, it ranges from single-family homes and multi-storey flats to micro and student apartments to complete sustainable urban neighbourhoods. In the commercial property sector, P+B group develops and builds offices, retail space and hotels.

Due to the different requirements in terms of size, location and type of area, both small and medium-sized as well as very large properties that you sell will match our acquisition profile. Different building projects require different prerequisites, for example:


We build our micro-apartment houses on an area of only 1,500 to 2,500 sqm in a well-developed location in a city with 200,000 or more inhabitants or a university location with 25,000 students.

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For very large plots in an urban or suburban location, we check whether your plot is suitable for a neighbourhood development. Our Parkend has been awarded several architectural prizes. On a site area of over 46,000 square metres, we have built 812 residential units in this urban neighbourhood development.

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Futureproof neighbourhood development NEULAND in Neuss

On an inner-city site of around 50,000 square metres, we are developing a sustainable, mixed-use quarter as part of a conversion project. With innovative energy, mobility and digitalisation concepts as well as diversified housing offers, including subsidised housing, we are making a forward-looking contribution to managing the energy transition and ensuring social cohesion.

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Rely on P+B Group

We distinguish ourselves by our many years of experience through a large number of land acquisitions and successful real estate projects in various asset classes, as well as our distinctive expert knowledge.  P+B Group is your reliable partner when it comes to selling your property:

  • fast, well-founded evaluation of your offer on the basis of an initial potential assessment,
  • valuation of the property in line with the market,
  • transparent sales process and professional and speedy handling of the transaction,
  • reliable and timely payment of the purchase price thanks to acquisition overwhelming from equity funds.

These advantages make P+B Group a highly valued investor in the German metropolitan regions. You are interested and want to sell your property? Use our contact form or get advice directly from our project initiator Oliver Bach:

Mr. Oliver Bach
Genker Str. 2-4 53842 Troisdorf